From an existential nihilist viewpoint, life has no purpose.
At least, not a common one that everyone can agree.
This idea opens the door to a stream of thought that can end on a curse.

The tragedy of a life of suffering without meaning says it all.
Nobody can live without purpose and aim to grow;
To practice, to read, to connect, to feel.
What’s the point?
Nothing matters at the end.
What means the world to you, mean nothing to people.

But, what about an alternative view.
How many questions in life have no universal truth, but the one we choose.
If life has no universal meaning, we can choose the purpose that fit the best for each of us.

The miracle of life, mysteries to uncover, our hope to overcome our limitations in an infinite universe and to flow;
To improve, to explore, to learn, to express, to be.

Take responsibility to make the most important of the choices.
What’s your purpose?