Every year, I review the podcasts I listen to keep perspective, rethink what I am getting into and project to the future with podcasting.

I have always thought that people changes in time, and it is OK to be a different person through life. If not, you get fixed to your identity, for group acceptation or just because life happens.

Podcasts have been a big part of my life for a couple of years. I learn from the best of each field, it is like sitting to drink a coffee several times a week with world-class performers, smart people, and mentors.

That is why I am very religious when it comes to listening to my favorite shows throughout the week.

I admit it can be sometimes overwhelming. Podcasting has exploded their offer and I must exercise the let it go to a lot of amazing shows to be able to keep track. Even for my favorite shows, some of them must be skipped, when I think some topic or episode, in particular, is not that compelling. Nevertheless, I try to avoid because you never know then some topic that seems not interesting can open some unthought doors or path to learn something new, change perspectives.

So, enough of an intro. This year, I subscribed to:


Seth Godin is by now a well knows marketer teacher. Author, X years blogging, Alt-MBA course. The past year he started a new podcast to show the patterns in life and how to archive our goals due to shipping the work.

Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery is the constant search for archiving the higher level of craftsmanship. It is the constant search for the definition of mastery. Hight archivers speak with Michael Gervais about their process and their vision.

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is an author, inversions and stand-up comedian. Though his life he has lost millions and got broke several times. This gave him the perspective to teach how anyone can overcome obstacles in life and reach their goals.

The Joe Rogan

This is a no-brainer now. Joe Rogan, a former fighter, comedian, interviews people from all sort of backgrounds. His straight forward style and involvement in conversations allow digging deep in all sort of topics.

The Knowledge Project

The Knowledge Project is a place for curious minds that find to acquire new models to achieve the high results in life. Shane Parrish interview people about their mental models to success.

The Drive

Peter Attia MD interviews world-leading medics to understand in-deep health and high-performance topics.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Zen Founder’s founder Rob Walling, and his co-host Mike Taber, give a down-to-earth way to starting up, oriented in bootstrapping a product instead of the SF/Venture Capital exploded way of things.