I like to keep a snapshot of podcasts I listen through the year. It seems that podcasts are here to stay. Year after year, there are more high-quality podcasts. Everyone is getting on board of the trend of this medium of communication.

This 2017 year, I increased the amount of listening to podcasts and my focus has been to cover as many themes as I like to keep up but to diversify the origin of them. The bias of confirmation is a very comfortable place but without reevaluating what you think you can not grow.

Cutting to the chase, the list of podcasts that I listen through 2018 and I plan to keep listening to:

The Art of Manliness


The blog The Art of Manliness has been in my RSS feeds for years now. But it was not until this year that I started listening consistently the podcast version. Several matters that every man should know from how to behave in social situations to survive in an isolated journey.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


As someone said. If Game of Throne were a podcast [citation needed], it would be as epic as Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. The fact that each episode is several months spaced each other gives you an idea of the amount of time needed to release each one. Complex, deep, history as you never have experienced it.

Hidden Brain & Invisibilia

It is said that 90% of our everyday choices are unconscious. Behavior that we give for granted in other cultures or times would be unthinkable. How and why we behave is covered with storytelling in the Hiden Brain and Invisibilia.



The successor of The Distance podcast. It focuses on the ReWork book that describes a methodology to develop a tech business. Counterintuitive through the eyes of Silicon Valley way to growth and VC deals. And also offers an alternative to a worldwide approach to work full of unnecessary over-hours, interruptions, and meeting. There is a better way.

Making Sense (formely Waking Up)


Sam Harris, philosopher, neuroscientist, a critic of religion, is a left-side intellectual known for his books about philosophy, religion and Bias, preconceptions.

Y Combinator


The most successful startup accelerator, located at the heart of innovation in SF. Craig Cannon, Director of Marketing at YCombinator, interviews Founders and Entrepreneurs.

You Are Not So Smart


From David McRaney, the author of ‘(2011) You Are Not So Smart’, a podcast about Self-delusion in real life.

The Jordan Harbinger Show


I have always been interested in social dynamics. Body language, social interactions, perception, and the way people reacts depending on the way they feel over ideas and interactions. The Jordan Harbinger Show walks through all of that and more, with the focus on self-improvement and leave everything one reaches better than we found it.