Commute to work is an ideal opportunity to focus your attention. At home, we have too many options. The constraints that travel introduce makes ideal to focus your attention on reading a book or listen to a podcast.

We live in a world full of distractions, notifications and the bad called multi-tasking work. When I chose to deactivate the buzz/sounds of notifications and to keep just critical notifications activated at all, I was able to focus more on meaningful information, that served a purpose.

Instead of mechanically went through an infinite feed from social networks, I chose to get a more curated, valuable content. To create a good podcast means hours of work, and as I see it, it can be a process of grown for both the host and the listeners. That is why I enjoy following all the chapters from episode 1 on each podcast.

Here, I give a brief comment for each podcast that I’m currently listening to, and I will keep following in 2007.


Zen Founder: Startup. Family. Life

Sanity in times of entrepreneurship. We underestimate the importance of people and relationships around us when we try to archive something. Our families and relationships have a huge influence in our work, productivity and success. But we do not give them enough credit or do not invest as much in developing those relationships as we should. A couple formed by a founder and a psychologist explores work and family life and how to stay sane while starting up [1].


10% Happier

To be aware, calmer and focused, but not expecting miracles. We constantly read catchy titles about archiving the unachievable in ridiculous small time. In 10% Happier, from Dan Harris, approaches meditation in a secular and down to earth oriented way [2].


Revisionist History

Someone mentioned that each Malcolm Gladwell conference was like a new Steve Jobs keynote, but about ideas. To have periodically new content from Mr. Gladwell was one of the great 2016 podcast announcements and with Revisionist History, he keeps the vara high. Malcolm explores past events in history, from an alternate point of view and analyzing and opposing what the history says and what evidence says [3].


Freakonomics Radio

Stephen J. Dubner analyses current events from a deeper analysis, following its Freakonomics book style of viewing inter-lines what hidden variables affect each day events [4].


Innovation Crush

The charismatic Chris Denson is joined by innovators all over the world to explore success case studies from their protagonists. A great resource for entrepreneurs [5].


The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss interview the higher exponents of each field in order to extract what makes them the best at their disciplines. Exploring their habits, rituals, tools and experience, Tim has created one of the more successful podcasts in terms of audience, with a counterintuitive method of not following the podcast standard: very long interviews (normally more than 1 hour) and a deep immersion in the topic their discuss [6].


The Distance

From the guys of Basecamp (ex-37 signals), The Distance is a podcast about the businesses that have been with us for more than 25 years. It explores their history, how they have been able to keep their business and survive changes through their development [7].


The Truth Barrell

Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss interview people that have experienced life changing experiences [8].


The Minimalists

A podcast that I use as a reminder of the truly important things. We live immerse in a consumerism oriented society. We keep searching for our next purchase, to feel that we are reaching a state of fulfillment. The problem is that fulfillment is not reachable just by accumulating stuff that we think we need. The minimalist podcast explores a path of living in which we focus on people, experiences, and keep things as what they should always be, tools to get most of our experiences [9].

Useful Apps

The app you use to play podcasts can make a difference over default alternatives in each platform. Personally, I have used to enjoy podcast:



Available on iOS, Overcast is a pioneer podcast player with features as smart trimming of silence, selectable speed reproduction and clean interface [10].



Currently, I am using Casts because of its multi-platform (Android, iOS, WebApp) apps. It allows you to keep in sync all of your subscriptions. Inspired by Overcast features, allows to smart trim and variable speed reproduction [11].

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