This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello, everyone, this is the first post of The Forgotten Bits, where I review and revisit old and not that old interesting topics.

I’m Andrés Riveros, founder of Chilean[1] Software House and student of life. And my mission through this post is to show you the approach and some of the guidelines that I will follow in each post. Each rule is presented in the form of a series of statements of intent.

1. Ideas Evolve. When is your work really finished?

Post are never final work. Your brain is constantly evolving and ideas changes with it.

When I learn something new about a certain topic, I will continue the previous post with parts. But in order to keep each post self-contained, I will give a brief introduction and a list of the previous post in the series. The post will not contain the Part X title because this tends to overwhelm people [citation needed].

Sometimes, corrections or small changes will be applied to each post. I will preserve the opinions and ideas written. Each change will be referred at the end of the post with a table of the versioning and changes made.

If the change is considerable or the whole opinion on the matter is different from a previous post, not being my current vision of the matter, I will attach new posts to the introduction of the previous post.

The idea of being able to keep digging into our work, to create value from a piece through iteration, is discussed by Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink) in his podcast Revisionist History [2 | site | audio]

2. Standing on the shoulder of Giants. Citation, not just an obligation, but a plus.

The overused “on the shoulder of giants” phrase makes sense as we live in the information era and almost all the content out there is a remix of something else.

However, in science, it is a must to cite other authors when we rely on someone’s idea in order to recognize the original source and to allow people to go deep in that matter.

To preserve the references, I will both add a link to the author content when needed and a copy of that content in case of not availability of the original website in the form of:

[original link | preserved article file | [attachments]  ]

Keep tuned for new content weekly.